My Favourite Concealers for under £10


Concealer has to be one product i feel like i use the most, i have gone through more concealers than any other product. Apart from using them to highlight, my skin is prone to acne so covering a good old spot is a part of my make up routine. What makes me fall in love with a concealer is the pigmentation, texture and how easy it is to blend. I can safely say i have tried most concealers under £10 have narrowed my favourite down to just two concealers. Both are perfect for highlighting as well as hiding those dark circles.

  1. Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer – £7.99 – Available in Boots and Superdrug, unfortunately i can only find this in 2 shades. I do wish the colour selection was larger. This formula is amazing as it is very light weight and has excellent coverage.
  2. NYX HD Concealer  – £5.50 – Available in Boots, the shade variety is really good plus it comes in a green and purple shade for colour correcting. I adore this formula, it is so pigmented and creamy, hides all those unwanted dark circles and blemishes. A must have and for £5.50 it’s a real steal.

Would love to hear about your favourite concealers?

Amima xox


NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Review


NYX has finally arrived to the great British high street! After hearing so many good reviews about NYX all i have ever wanted to do is try all their products and now i can. I am already a huge fan of their HD concealer and Butter lip glosses, if you have not tried them you need to run out and get them. Boots currently stock NYX and have rolled out NYX stands to a lot of their stores, i am not sure how many stores but most Boots stores i have visited have this brand new delicious stand.

After carefully deciding and testing everything i brought 2 matte lip creams in the shades Istanbul and Stockholm. Istanbul is a cool medium pink tone and Stockholm is a medium tone with peach undertones both are beautiful colours. These lip creams are so creamy and comfortable to wear and are very pigmented. The formula is lovely and easy to apply, these creams set to a matte finish and last about 5- 6 hours, perfect for a girls day out.

The packing is very simple but elegant and the lip creams come in many different colours, so there is a colour for everyone. I also think the price point is very reasonable for £5.50 this product is a real steal. I would highly recommend this product and cannot wait to buy more colours to add to my collection, any recommendations?

Amima xox

L’oreal Nude Magique Cushion Review


Everything i want always gets released in the USA before the UK, so when L’oreal finally released it’s cushion foundation in the UK i went out and brought it straight away. I have had it for a while and am truly addicted, so i thought i would share my love for this foundation. Maybe when they finally release the Pro Glow foundation in the UK it might be my new favourite.

The packaging is beautiful, the cushion foundation is so compact and easy to travel with as it is mess free. It comes in 7 shades and i brought the colour golden beige which is the perfect colour match for my skin tone. The foundation claims to have a dewy glow finished and it does. This foundation is a medium coverage foundation, perfect for the summer months, I love the way it makes my skin look so fresh and natural. It comes with an applicator which does not look great but with my brush i am able to create a flawless finish. So i would recommend this foundation, it is as good as a high end brand.

Amima xox

First Impression – The Estee Edit Eyeshadow palette


I for one was very excited to hear about the launch of the Estee Edit, what an amazing idea.  A sub brand released by Estee Lauder for the younger generation in collaboration with Kendall Jenner. In the UK, unfortunately we do not have Sephora so the Estee Edit is exclusive to Selfridges. When browsing through the Edit the eyeshadow palette stood out, so i brought this online and i eagerly awaited for delivery.

When i received the parcel i was so excited to rip it open, the packaging is very elegant white with a splash of blue. The palette is very compact which makes it easy to travel with and the mirror is a perfect size. It comes with 12 shades and two backlight transformer shades, the backlight transformer shades are to wear over eyeshadows to enhance the look under black light. The concept seems amazing and i cannot wait to try it, the blacklight transformers come in a beautiful glittery gold and silver. The eyeshadows come in 3 finishes sparkle, pearl and satin. The colour selection is beautiful, my favourite shade is the lilac shade which comes in a lovely satin finish. There are a variety of shades from beige to brown to purple to black.

When swatching the shades i have to say i was very disappointed as the lighter shades lack a lot of pigment. The darker shades are very pigmented but normally darker shades are pigmented and the lighter shades get left behind. I really wish Estee Lauder spent a lot more time in perfecting the lighter eyeshadows. I love the packaging , the shade selection, the concept of the transformer shades but am very disappointed by the overall pigment. For £38 i expected quality eyeshadows and would rather have that, than beautiful packaging.

What did you think of this palette?

Amima xox



My favourite bronzing duo



Here in the UK the weather is still so unpredictable, one minute it will be hot and the other it will be raining like crazy. So as it is suppose to be summer, I thought I would share my favourite bronzers and why I am so in love with them. Don’t get me wrong maybe this summer I could discover new bronzers but currently Chanel’s Soleil Tan and MUFE’s Pro Bronze Fusion are my favourite. I am a NC35 (everyone knows their Mac shade) so these two bronzers are able to give me the bronzed look I want. I always opt for a subtle bronzed look, one where I look like I have been kissed by the sun.

Once i have finished my base i will apply the Chanel bronzer first, as this is a cream bronzer. It has a very light and velvety texture and is very easy to apply as the formula is ever so creamy. The best way to apply this bronzer is with a synthetic brush as it captures more product. My favourite place to apply this product is just under my cheek bones but above where my contour would sit, if i was not contouring. I also like to apply a little to my cheeks to give me that extra glow. I have also used this product to contour and it looks amazing. I have used this product so many times and have hardly made a dent in it, so it is worth the money. This product only comes in one shade but i think it could suit many skin tones

Next i will go in with my MUFE bronzer i brought this in the shade 20M sand, this product comes in 6 shades. I apply this product in the places i applied the cream bronzer and this bronzer is very blendable it does not leave patches in random places. This product also claims to be waterproof, so i guess you could wear this in the pool but i have not tested this theory. Again this gives me a perfect glow and has a very natural glowing finish. I would highly recommend both products for this summer and i hope and pray that we get loads of sunshine this year!

Amima xox


Why I ditched my ghd straightener after 5 years!


As long as I can remember GHD straighteners have always been my go to straightener for not just straightening my but curling my very thick hair. I have had 3 over the last 5 years and I have been very unlucky with them as they have all broken or just stopped giving me the results I want. so i decided this time i was not going to buy another GHD, enough is enough. I brought a Diva Genesis Hair Styler, this normally retails for £139.99 but i got mine for £60 from the Selfridges sale, BARGAIN!!! Diva just like GHD have many hair tools under their belt and are known for providing salon results.

As soon as i opened the package i knew this was for me, the straighter also comes with a black sparkly travel bag and heat proof mat which is so useful when going away on holiday. The straightener comes with an adjustable heat dial, you can choose a temperature from 110 to 230 degrees and i was so amazed at how quickly these straighteners reached their maximum temperature. Their macadamia and argan oil infused plates claim to give hair a healthy shiny finish and i totally agree my hair looked so shiny when i was finished. These straighteners glided smoothly through my hair, it was like angels were straightening my hair.

I decided to straighten my hair at night and see what results i would get in the morning as i find it so annoying when you wake up with frizzy hair even though you spent ages straightening it the night before. I woke up in the morning and was speechless, i actually did not need to straighten my hair in the morning, how crazy! I also love a straightener that can curl and this straightener did exactly that, i achieved the most perfect curls and was a very happy girl. I am so happy i have finally ditched my GHD straightener and tried something new, i would highly recommend this product.

Amima xox

How to get brands to send you free stuff – skincare

I am one of those people who is never fully satisfied with there skin, I always like trying out new things which can be very costly. So I thought to my self, what if I can get brands to send me free samples. I emailed six brands which were: Clinque, Origins, Dermalogica, Elmis, Molton Brown and Neals yard. To my surprise all brands responded and 3 out of the six sent me samples. 

What did I say? Firstly I told the brands that I admire there range and have always wanted to try their products. I then gave them a brief overview of my skin type and my address so they could send me samples as I said I would like to ‘try before I buy.’ Molton Brown, Elmis and Neals yard all send me samples so I could try out their products. Elmis also asked me a whole load of further questions about my skin so they could tailor make a pack for me, I was very impressed. The other 3 brands said they did not send out samples but Origins did say I could book a free mini facial at my nearest store, which I think I might do. 

I cannot wait to try out all these samples and purchase my favourite ones. I really appreciate the brands taking out time out to send me samples. After I have tried all the samples I will do another post about what I have actually brought from these brands. Still over the moon!

Amima xox 

10 things about motherhood… 

I really enjoyed writing my last post about pregnancy, so I though I would write another 10 things post but this time on motherhood. My little one is 3 months old now and as a new mum I have had many ups and downs during this whole experience. In my last post I said I enjoyed motherhood more and I do everyday is different and unpredictable which is so exciting.

  1. The first few weeks my little baby wanted to feed every two hours and as I was breastfeeding I had no time to do anything else. I felt like I was constantly feeding her so I got no sleep what so ever and showering was a treat!
  2. As a new mum I was always worried about if I was doing a good job. What made it worse was, a million people would always tell me, do this and do that. When the midwife came to weight my daughter and told me she was doing fine I felt a sense of achievement and realised that i did not need to worry.
  3. I find my self waiting for my baby to poo and being so happy when she does. As it is so important that a baby poos twice a day, if they do not poo it can be very painful for them.
  4. These days I shop more for my baby than I do for my self. I find my self walking in to the baby section and discovering new places that sell baby clothes. Next, Baby Gap and Mothercare have the cutest clothes.
  5. Babies are so unpredictable, some nights she will sleep for hours on end and other nights she will only sleep for a few hours. I have learnt to always be prepared for any situation.
  6. She will always be hungry or poo when I sit down to eat. I have started to appreciate the smaller things in life a lot more: eating, sleeping, watching tv as I hardly get any time to myself.
  7. My baby bag has become my hand bag. In my baby bag you will find the normal nappies, wipes, spare clothes but you will also find lipsticks, hand cream, basically anything a girl could need.
  8. It’s takes time but I have finally mastered the pushchair and have discovered lifts. Before my baby I was so unaware that so many shops have lifts. I have also started to appreciate automatic doors, it annoys me when places don’t have automatic doors. Nightmare!!
  9. I also find my self looking at other mums pushchairs and wondering if should have brought that one. Don’t get me worng i love my pushchair but it was just a very difficult decision to make.
  10. Lastly I did not know it was possible to love someone as much as I love her. It is just a different kind of love where even when she is sleeping I miss her and just want to cuddle her.

How cute is this dress:

Mothercare – £18

Let me know if you would like to see more posts like this one?

Amima xox 

My Top 5 Favourite MAC Lipsticks


I remember my first trip to MAC like it was yesterday and for a while i only brought make up from MAC and no where else. So i still have a certain attachment to this brand because MAC made me realise how much i love make up. Whenever i am in Westfield i will always go in to the MAC store and swatch lipsticks as these little bullets bring me so much joy. I have more MAC lipsticks than any other brand and at £15.50 the price point is still reasonable compared to other high end brands. So i thought i would share my 5 favorite/ most worn MAC lipsticks.

Left to Right:

Girl About Town – Amplified finish (Bold Colour): Hot pink with blue undertones, this lipstick is perfect for a girls night out. Like all MAC amplified lipsticks this one is very pigmented and creamy.

Vegas Volt – Amplified finish (Bold Colour) : Beautiful deep coral shade, lovely shade for the summer months. I brought this colour from Heathrow duty free when i was traveling to Istanbul last year and i wore it everyday in Istanbul as it complimented the weather.

Plumful – Lustre Finish (Sheer to Medium Coverage): Deep plum with rose undertones, this is such a lovely colour with a very glossy finish. You can wear this colour all year round and will suit many skin tones.

Hot Gossip  – Creamsheen Finish (Medium Coverage) : Light Pinky Plum, i actually wore this lipstick for 2 months straight. If i ever do not know what lipstick to wear i will always grab this lipstick, it is my all time favorite lipstick.

Brave – Satin Finish (Sheer to Medium Coverage): Pinky Beige shade, this has to be the perfect nude shade. For me i could wear this shade every day, this creamy texture has a beautiful satin finish.

Let me know what are your favourite MAC lipsticks?

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Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick


So i am very lucky/ unlucky that Superdrug is a 3 minute walk from my house, so if i ever need anything i can run out and get it. So when i needed to get mouthwash i casually walked in to the make up section and found my self lushing over Bourjois’s velvet matte lipstick. In particular i fell in love with two colours Beau Brun which is a brown shade with pink undertones and So hap’pink which is a deep pink colour, both gorgeous shades. To be honest the shade variety was amazing it took me a while to pick two colours that i liked and that was because there was a buy 1 get the 2nd half price offer. Apart from the shades and that i love Bourjois products the packing is just so cute that you could mistake them for a high end lip product.

So as soon as i got home i tried the  lipstick on, wow these lip colours are so pigmented that you only need to swipe it across your lips once, if you use to much the colour will start to crack. These lipsticks are very creamy well have a “velvet” like texture, so when you apply them they do not dry up your lips unlike some liquid lipsticks. These lip colours claim to last 24 hours, mine lasted about 7 hours which is not bad but did stain my lips ever so slightly but who wears a lipstick for 24 hours!!!

So what do i really think, i loved the colour selection and that my lips did not feel dry, but for me, i did not find it comfortable. I felt as if some thing heavy was sat on my lips, the lip colour did not crack but was very uncomfortable. All i wanted to do was remove it off my lips as this formula is just not for me. So unfortunately i do not think i will be buying any more, i think Bourjois are so close in creating the perfect lipstick but still have a few changes to make.

Let me know if this lipstick worked for you?

Amima xox